About Us

With over 5,800 photos to review and categorize, I am hoping that PhotosByMohl.com will become what was envisioned a few years back. All proceeds from the sale of items from this site will be used to support www.CasaDeMetta.org ; a retreat center being designed in Vilcabamba, Ecuador and a sister center to be developed in the Metro Washington, DC area. The message that CasaDeMetta has been giving is simply, “we can connect with nature” in such a way, so as to protect her, which protects all of humanity. CasaDeMetta teaches individuals and groups how to find their inner God through the heart region and amplify that connecting to all whom we meet each day. It is not easy, yet at the same time it is very simple….the key is to just do it!

I am primarily a nature photographer who finds much peace, joy and all by being in nature. What I will attempt to do is share the spiritual feelings captured while taking shots of nature.

Many have responded by telling me how they felt before I was aware of the power of intention. My love for nature, which I believe is a big part of what God means to me, and the love of all, including you, will continue to add powerful messages through the miracle of these photos.